The New 500 wins “Best Design 2020” at the “Autonis 2020” awards, organised by “Auto Motor und Sport”

The New 500 wins “Best Design 2020” at the “Autonis 2020” awards, organised by “Auto Motor und Sport”

The New 500 has won the “Best Design 2020” award in its category, assigned by the readers of the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport”, who cast their votes in the ”Autonis 2020” contest. The New 500 has therefore taken one of the most prestigious acknowledgments in the world of design, beating off competitors with a conventional combustion engine, thanks to its unique and distinctive style that continues to amaze and enchant.


The “Autonis 2020” award comes in addition to its recent triumph at the “Red Dot Design Awards”, in the Design Concept category, where the New 500 was selected by an international jury consisting of 21 of the most renowned design professionals and lecturers in the world.


Olivier François, President of Fiat Brand, noted: “The “Autonis” award, voted by the readers of “Auto Motor und Sport”, is an important acknowledgment for the New 500, to add to the prestigious Red Dot Award it won a few weeks ago. It is even more important for two reasons: firstly because it was bestowed by a jury of the people, made up of readers, who have already fallen in love with the New 500; secondly, because the award has been given in as mature an electric car market as Germany, most of all against other major players. All this makes me extremely proud and makes us feel very positive about the upcoming launch of the New 500 in Germany, as one of our main markets.”


Klaus Busse, Head of EMEA FCA Design, concluded: “We are honored by the appreciation that German enthusiasts have expressed for the New 500, in a refined yet constant cross-reference between a revisited past and the future. This can be clearly seen on the New 500, both in the highly modern front that still retains the Fiat icon’s renowned ‘smile’, and in the silhouette that develops along the classic central line found in all three of the model’s generations. Overall, the design of the New 500 perfectly combines volumetric proportions, clean lines, meandering surfaces and distinguishing features such as the circular front headlights and the round instrument panel in the passenger compartment. In short, the New 500 is a contemporary interpretation of an automotive legend, with the ability to evolve toward an increasingly sustainable and environment-friendly urban mobility.”


Turin, November 3rd, 2020