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Much more than a car museum, Casa 500 is a journey into the heart of Italy, its culture, and history.
Located inside the gallery Pinacoteca Agnelli, designed by Renzo Piano,
it’s the perfect space to demonstrate how our 500 isn’t just made in Italy but made of Italy.

CASA 500

The Casa 500 project was created to capture the emotion, the stories, and the people who made the 500 so special. Come and visit for real, in Turin, or take a virtual stroll around and discover the Fiat cultural heritage for yourself. Find out how the 500 became a pop icon and how it helped bring a new feeling of emancipation to Italy in the ‘50s and ‘60s. And why its comeback in 2007 was loved by so many. You’ll also be able to journey into the electric future of this iconic car.
The exhibition is set out around a central tree made of recycled wood, which represents the continuity of history.
In addition, the largest hanging garden in Europe has been created on the Lingotto track.
Called La Pista500 and with over 40,000 plants, it provides a beautiful green lung for the city of Turin.